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Broadcast Automation

   From a simple video server to a fully automated TV playout system, Masterplay is designed to cover virtually any requirement. It can be customized according to your requirements, due to its extensive configuration settings and expansions. It is user friendly and can be operated intuitively without any special knowledge. In conclusion, it makes video playback easy.

* Intuitive Operation
* Drag & Drop Interface
* External Triggering For Breaks
* Segment Editor For Timing Videos
* Composite or SDI Output
* On Time Resumption Of Programming
* Easy Traffic Interfacing
* Auto Rotation Of Spots And Shows
* Editing Of Playlist In Text Editor
* Non-restrictive Edit Of Playlist During Playback
* Setting In And Out Points
* Processing Of Metadata
* As-Run Logs
* Preloading (Prefetch) Of Files
* Auto-Fill At End Of Shows
* Auto Episode Rotation
* GPI, Time And DTMF Break Triggers
* Very Cost Effective

Note: Software Is Same For SD & HD. The Difference In Price Is The Computer.

* Single Channel / SD / Cube (Composite or SDI Out Only)
* Single Channel / SD / Rack Mount (Composite or SDI Out Only)
* Single Channel / HD / Rack Mount (SDI In & Out)
* Dual Channel / HD / Rack Mount (SDI In & Out)
* Upgrade From Lite To Full Masterplay Software
   (Difference - Full Version Has Preview Window Continues.)

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Backup 100 Watt Transmitter
100 Watt Outdoor UHF Encoder/Transmitter
Just $5,250. Low Pass Filter: $225. Mask Filter: $725.
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