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Sales Terms
1. Priority of Terms and Conditions. R & L Media Systems, R & L Media Systems Inc., and its owners and employees (hereafter referred to as R &L Media Systems) enter into this agreement with the customer stated on the front of this Invoice (hereafter referred to as Customer). By customer making payment as stated on the front of this agreement, the customer agrees to all terms set forth here. Unless otherwise specified in writing by R& L Media System on the front of this agreement, the following terms and conditions are a part of R& L Media Systems agreement and shall apply to any resulting action. No terms provided by the customer by purchase order or contract shall form any part of this agreement unless agreed to in writing by an officer of R & L Media Systems. Use of customers purchase order number or any portion of said sale shall be solely for ease of reference and shall not constitute an agreement by R & L Media Systems to any terms additional to or contrary to these 'Conditions Of Sale' or the Supplementary Terms and Conditions as referenced in the remainder of 'Conditions Of Sale', hereof, if applicable.
2. Commercial Contract. Sales are made strictly upon these commercial conditions and prices and unless specifically waived herein, R & L Media Systems shall not be bound to any contract or subcontract (at any tier) of the United States Government or any State, Local, or Foreign Government.
3. FCC Applications. Our main source for information from the FCC is the FCCs Internet database. Since this is a secondary source and is not a direct connection with the FCC's computer, R &I Media Systems assume no responsibility for any omission or errors in the information provided and shall not be liable for any injuries, including but not limited to consequential, which might result from use of this application.
4. Quotations, Prices, and Taxes. Quotations are valid for a period of 30 days unless otherwise stated on the front of this agreement Prices do not include taxes or shipping unless stated and the customer is solely responsible for these fees. A properly executed exemption certificate must accompany a request for exemption for any taxes, duty, or assessment.
5. Shipments and Risk Of Loss. Shipments are made FOB factory, freight to be paid by Customer. Customer bears all risk of loss or damage to equipment from the time delivered to a carrier. When shipments are FOB Destination, R & L Media Systems will deliver the equipment to a carrier, arrange for transportation, and pay transportation charges, but the Customer assumes the risk for loss or damage of equipment.
6. Terms Of Payment. Standard terms for of orders, unless otherwise noted on the front of this agreement, is 50% with order, balance before delivery. Customer is responsible to R & L Media Systems for all reasonable attorney fees, court cost, and/or collection agency fees should Customer default on payment.
7. Price. The price of the equipment is net FOB manufacture. Prices set forth are current prices as of the date shown and will be adjusted in accordance with the prices in effect on date of shipment.
8. Warranty. The manufactures warranty applies on all new equipment. No warranty is given on used or preowned equipment.
9. Limitation Of Liability. R & L Media Systems shall not be liable for, including but not Iimited to Indirect, Exemplary, Incidental, Special or Consequential damages for breach of any agreement, or breach of any warranty respecting equipment manufactured by R & L Media Systems or their services furnished pursuant hereto. Further, R & L Media Systems shall not be liable for, including but not limited to Indirect, Exemplary, Incidental, Special or Consequential damages in any action based on tortuous acts or omissions by R & L Media Systems. Customer acknowledges that such lack of liability includes but does not limit to any loss of actual or anticipated revenues or profits, loss of actual or anticipated value of the business of Customer, and damage to the business reputation of the customer.
10. Delivery Date. R & L Media Systems will make every effort to meet delivery and performance date, however, R & L Media Systems shall not be liable for delays due to causes beyond our control.
11. Confirmations and Cancellation. Confirmation of order will be sent upon acceptance. Cancellation of this order or delay in shipment maybe made only upon expressed written consent of R & L Media Systems and upon such terms as will indemnify R & L Media Systems against loss. Any cancellation of an order will require a minimum of 20% restocking fee to be paid by the Customer. To secure payment of any unpaid balance, the Customer agrees to grant R & L Media Systems a security investment in the equipment and R & L Media Systems retains the title thereto until payment is made in full.
12. Default. In the event of any default by Customer, Customer agrees to pay all costs or expenses incurred by R & L Media Systems including a minimum 20% restocking fee and council fees.
13. Disputes. All disputes, controversy, and litigation's relating to this agreement shall be covered by the laws of Tennessee to whose jurisdiction both parties agree to in the event of any litigation between them. Any action brought by customer for breach of contract must be instituted within one year from placement of 1st payment.
14. Permits. The Customer is responsible for obtaining the compatibility of all building permits, zoning clearances, FAA tower approvals, and FCC construction permits and all Federal State and Local permits required in the course of construction. The Customer is responsible for any and all cost associated with permits. Customer is also responsible for all electrical wiring and tower work.
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