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Station Manual

   The new section called "Station Manual" replaces newsletters with the idea of creating an operation manual for stations. Each week we will have a new article that can be put into a notebook to create a standardized way of operating your station. We want to create a "franchise" model that you can repeat over and over if you want or simply reduce unnessary workload for you.
  Welcome to R & L Media Systems. We provide over 30 years of know-how in the Low Power TV industry to folks that are looking for experience that fits within their budget. Since the late 1980's, we have helped thousands of LPTV operators get on the air.

  LPTV is at an exciting crossroads. More and more viewers are cutting the cable and going with over-the-air TV. DTV allows an LPTV station to easily offer viewers 8 or more channels. This with many of the cable only programmers offering their services via the internet means LPTV has a bright future.

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