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  R & L Media Systems is here to help you. We have been building LPTV stations for 30+ years and know what equipment can give you the best possible on-air look within the budget you set, not us. Other companies study our quotes and try to copy us, but they lack the knowledge of actually operating station that we have.

  We offer you the best possible price, even better than manufactures direct, because we buy large quantities and our overhead is low. We handle the total station, from FCC application through equipment purchasing, installation, programming and training, to get your staff on their "feet" rapidly.

  We offer you a "Franchise" approach. We give you the skills you need to operation your station including operation manuals that go beyond what manufactures offer. The idea is to give you the tools to bring anyone in off-the-street to operate your station in a professional and consistent manner. You can hire folks to work "in" your station, allowing you to work "on" it. Then you can decide if you want to move on to the next station, or simply sit back, relax and enjoy life.

  We want to be your partner in helping you succeed and enjoy your future!


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R & L Media Systems Does It All !
135 North Country Club Dr * Hendersonville, TN 37075 * (615) 826-0792
Rick Goetz - Owner * rickg@rlmediasystems.com