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  Program and System Information Protocol or PSIP is the glue that holds Digital TV together. It tells your TV what is being broadcast so it knows what to do with the information coming in. Basic PSIP information like major and minor channel numbers, network names, stations call signs, etc is called Static PSIP. Dynamic PSIP is additional information which provides viewers with program guides as to what is on at the push of a button and is an FCC requirement of Class A and Full Power TV stations.

  Not all Mpeg2 encoders provide all of the information required for Over-The-Air broadcasters. An example would be encoders designed for cable TV use, such as Drake, Blonder Tongue, Pico Macom, etc. Cable set top boxes have some of the decode information preprogrammed in, so not all is sent. You can see that when you hook your digital TV up to the cable and the channels all look odd or do not show up at all.

  The D2Mux adds all of the proper broadcast PSIP information, and send it on to the transmitter, so all of your viewers TV's know what you are sending to them. It also can added the Dynamic PSIP information keeping full power and Class A stations in FCC compliance. And a 2nd input can be added so two encoders can be combined into one coherent stream.
Single Input
Dynamic PSIP - Spread Sheet
Dual Input
Dynamic PSIP - External Service


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