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How Traffic Light Works With Masterplay

  Interfacing traffic programs with automation systems has been a great mystery for years! The normal approach was for the traffic program to make the automation playlist. But as the automation company added new features, the traffic software company had to create new software, normally charging the customers for the coding time to add them, thus a continuing expense.
  What was needed was a way the automation company could keep adding new features without the traffic software company having to reinvent the wheel. The way to do that is to let the traffic program only tells the automation what spots to play. And that is the approach Traffic Light took to interface to Masterplay.
  For each break, Traffic Light creates a "Mini-Playlist". If you open the mini-playlist, you will see a list of the spots that are suppose to play in that break. Simple. Each playlist is labeled by day, hour, and which break it is that hour. So Monday, 9am, first break is labeled "Mon09A.in". Thursday, 2pm, third break is labeled "Thu15C.in". It is then easy to make a "Master" playlist. You create it like you normally would with all of the fancy crawls, logos, break triggers, etc. And when it is time for a commercial break in the playlist, you do a "Insert Playlist" and tell it which mini-playlist to insert.
  When it airs, you see the "Insert Playlist" and then the list of spots it is going to air. It is fast, simple, and easy to implement at any station using Masterplay. Keeping It Simple.


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