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  Format tells the traffic program when the commercials are going to occur. For the Demo, we are going to work with prefab people, customers, and sales orders. At this point we want to see the system work. So when Traffic Light first loads, please select YES to load demo traffic info.
  From the main page, click I-Format Maintenance. We are going to make a Retro Spot insertion format which is 2.5 minutes of commercials every half hour. Click the Create New Format, and enter Retro for a name, then OK. Click Display/Modify Format. On the left side we see our Format Sheet. There are 100 events per hours. We are going to start with the 1:00am hour, so use the slider on the right side of the Format Sheet to move down to Event 101, Time 0100. Click it. It will turn Blue. Hit Enter and type A for Available in the Type box. This will place an "A" in the Type column. Click your Down Arrow on your keyboard to move to Event 102, Time 0101. Hit Enter and type A. Keep doing this till you have 5 A's meaning a 2.5 Minute break. There will be a 2nd break this hour and Traffic Light only needs to see a gap in time to know it is a 2nd break, so you can make the 2nd break at 0115 or 0130. For our example, we will use 0115. So go to Event 125, Time 0115. Repeat what we did above to make 5 avails at 0115.
  Now we need to copy this hour to other hours. First, we need to copy it to Midnight, or 0000 Hour. On the right side click the 1 Hr and then the Copy Hour button. We are copying the 0100 hour so enter 0100 and click OK. The Target Hour is 0000 so enter 0000 and ok. We leave event 0000 empty to keep the program from being confused which is why we started at event 101 and not 100 earlier.
  Now, on the right side, change 1 Hr to All and click Copy Hour. The hour to copy is 0100. and the last Hour is 2300 to finish out the day. Click OK. All hours are now formatted. Click Exit and we are done.

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