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Traffic Light   Traffic Light
  Traffic Light TV – a complete traffic, billing, and accounts receivable package available for Windows computer systems. The DOS version has been in used in radio since 1988. Rewritten in early 2009 for Windows, and modified for use with TV stations supporting up to 48 streams in early 2015. it is designed for the small market TV station and the software offers the following features:
•Provides for 12 Streams from one Start Order.
•Prepares daily logs in minutes. Creates Mini-Playlists for MasterPlay.
•The Full Log Editor provides for drag and drop spot movements.
•Handles both Broadcast and Calendar billing.
•A/R analysis for any given salesman.
•Start orders provide for 36 day parts with skipping weeks options.
•Start Order provides for up to nine Bonus Spots.
•Start Order provides for 'Fill-In' Spots.
•Start Order provides for 'BookEnd' Spots.
•A sales projection can be made anytime.
•Can customize both invoice and statement formats.
•Custom formats can be easily created.
•Invoice contains spots ran for each Stream plus total.
•A complete customer accounts receivable is displayed when posting.
•An aging analysis is shown on each statement.
•Simplified back-up procedure run from the Backup menu.

100 Clients-$295. 250 Clients-$395. 4,000 Clients-$595.
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