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How To Make A Log

  We are now going to make the Mini-Playlist or Logs that Traffic Light creates to tell Masterplay what commercials to air.
  From the main menu, select L LogGenerator/Log Printer. If under Custom Formats on the left you do not see Retro, you may have to exit Traffic Light and restart it for the new format to register. Click Retro once. Then, on the right side, click the box labeled Click here to choose data for log to bring up a calendar. Choose that date you want to create the log for and click OK. Click Generate Log.It is going to ask you what Stream this is for. Enter A and OK. Answer "Yes" to the next couple of prompts.
  You now see the log. Commercials with Priority 1-5 are displayed based on their priority. But there are holes. If any of your paying customers have Bonus Spots, hit the B at the bottom of the page and those will be entered into the log. There may still be holes. Traffic Light allows a Priority 6 which are your Fill spots. These are your Per Inquiry or PI spots. If you do your PI fill spots correctly, you assign a Product Code to them so you do not run more than one type per break. So push the Fill 60 and Fill 30 buttons at the bottom to fill out your log. Since it trys to not have comflicts within 4 minutes, you may have to hit the Fill buttons several time to get all slots filled. When there are no more 60 second slots left, when you press the Fill 60, it will say it entered 0 60 second spots and you then add more 30's. Once you are done filling, press the Save Log Button and OK. Click Exit
  You now have a new row of bottons across the bottom. You normally would push the PL button and it would create the mini-playlist but we want to make sure everything is set up properly. So push Print Log. Things you want to make sure are done on this page are:

Make Test File of Log : Checked
Create Mini-Playlist : In 12 Folders
Mini-Playlist Format : Only Cart #
  Omit Hour Separator Lines in Text File : Unchecked
Omit Program Names in LogText File : Checked
Saving Path for Mini-Playlist : Use TFCTV Computer Local Path
Network Path to MP Spots Location : D:\Commercials

  Once all of this is done, click Save Options.
  These are one time setups but important. Once done click Print and OK. Now click Create Mini Playlist. Click OK. If everything is correct, you will get a prompt Finished - Created ## Mini Playlist in the C:\MPPList3\ Path. Click OK. If you open C:\MPPList3\StreamA\ you will see the mini-playlist it created. Using Notepad, open one of these files and you will see the commercials it is going to air.

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