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  We have our mini-playlist from Traffic Light and know where they are. Example C:\MPPlist\StreamA\. Now it is time to put them into a Masterplay playlist doing spot insertion. We are going to use Retro TV for our example.
  Retro TV has (2) 2:30 breaks per hour. So open the Masterplay Playlist Editor. To create the new playlist, go PLAYLIST > NEW > WEEKLY SCHEDULE (HALF HOUR) > CREATE. We now have a slot for every half hour. Click the arrow next to Sunday in the left hand column. Click 00:00:00. This is Midnight, Sunday night.
If you set up the GPI trigger in Masterplay OnAir, you should see in the right hand column a Retro GPI. Drag it to the middle column. Next, from the right column, drag Insert Playlist to the middle. Double click it. You see Playlist Filename toward the top and a browse file folder. Since this is Sunday, 00 hour, Break A our mini-playlist will be Sun00A.in. We can either browse for it in the folder or manually enter C:\MPPlist\StreamA\Sun00A.in and click Apply.
  BOOM, its done. When we look at the playlist on Masterplay when it airs, we would see:

GPI 1 - Break 1
Insert Playlist : Sun00A.in - C:\MPPlist\StreamA\Sun00A.in
Insert Directory - D:\Commercials\01003
Insert Directory - D:\Commercials\09001
Insert Directory - D:\Commercials\09002
GPI 1 - Break 2
Insert Playlist : Sun00B.in - C:\MPPlist\StreamA\Sun00B.in
Insert Directory - D:\Commercials\01022
Insert Directory - D:\Commercials\09003
Insert Directory - D:\Commercials\09004


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