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Low Power TV In 1 Minute   Updated 11/28/2022

1.) If They Can't See You, They Will Not Buy.   If viewers AND ADVERTISERS cannot hook rabbit ears to a TV in their home or office and watch your station, why would advertisers want to buy advertising on your station? Explained

2.) An Advertiser Has To Make 13 Times What They Give You.   The SBA recommends a small business spend 7.5% of its income on advertising. Can you promise that kind of return from each spot for what you charge? Explained

3.) Are You Charging More Than A Super Bowl Ad?   A Super Bowl spot is $5,500.000 for 100% of 96,400 people watching. That comes to $0.057 per person. So a more realistic value for your station is 25 cents per 30 second spot. And 15 second spots are also effective. Explained

4.) Can You Live On 1/3 Of What The Station Will Make?   In the Restaurant Industry, they say to take the cost of your food and triple it to see what you charge for food. LPTV can use a variation of that formula. So 1/3 is tower rent and power there, 1/3 is your overhead including the cost to lease the equipment or pay yourself back if you paid for it out of your pocket. And 1/3 to pay yourself and employees if you have them. So you better get working on improving your ratings with local programming, not networks that only bring in, at best, 1% shares. Explained

5.) Why Are You Trying To Program 24 Hours A Day?   People do not watch a TV station 24 hours a day. Most people watch for 3-1/2 hours a day. So why not create a solid 3 hours that people can tune in at any time, watch, then go do something else. Explained

6.) Sometimes Big Fish In Small Pond Is Better   If you are trying to sell advertising; you are better off being the only signal viewers can pick up in a small town than 1 of 20 stations in a larger market. The only way to make more money is to have a higher percentage of viewers. Explained

7.) What can I Lease A Channel for?   Sometimes it makes more sense to lease out an SD stream and cut back on your overhead. Going rate is $2,000 per million people in the 80 dBu contour per month. Minimum is $500 per month for less than 250,000 because there is a good change of must-carry on the local cable system. Explained

   In one minute you have learned more from R & L than other manufactures combined. That is because R & L wants you to succeed, not just sell you something. Give us a call at (615) 826-0792.
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