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   R & L Media Systems is a turn-key Low Power Television (LPTV) consulting company that can take you from application through equipment purchasing, training, and programming. We have been involved in LPTV since the 1980's and operate our own stations to make sure the equipment we sell works. We have been involved in over 500+ station build-outs, helping them find the right equipment and saving money over what the manufactures sell directly.
   R & L helps you realistically project income and pick equipemnt that helps you get the most bang for the dollar. We show you how to predict your coverage so you are not renting expensive space on a tower 15 miles outside of town and your signal never makes it to town versus a 200' tower in town that lights up rabbit ears.
   We have a growing knowledge section that helps you and your staff learn how to do things right. The written material is formatted to be printed and saved in a notebook creating an operation manual much like a franchise. We also have videos taking you step -by-step to make things easy to learn.
   If you have questions, email me at rickg@rlmediasystems.com. It cost nothing to talk and haven't found anyone who hasn't learned from it.


   Are you looking for programming that offers maximum avails and no headaches? If you purchase a Masterplay from R & L, we will load the hard drive with public domain programming and a playlist. You plug in your commercials and away it goes. We use our 3-hour programming block where each day starting at 7pm we begin a new 3 hour block of Classic Comedy, Drama, Westerns, Educational, Top Movies, etc. and then repeat the block till 7pm the next night. Most people only watch 3-1/2 hours a day, so with this format, viewers can tune in at any time for three hours, watch your best, then go to one of your other channels. If you do the math, 400 hours of programs x 2 hours to create an hour x $12.50 an hour = $10,000, 1/4 the cost of a Masterplay. And you get 6-10 minutes of avails. If you already have a Masterplay, we can load an external drive for $500. So what are you waiting on?

Applications * Equipment Sales * Training - R & L Media Systems Does It All.
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