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  The transmitter is what takes the digital stream from the encoder and converts it to a TV channel. There are a couple of things you want to be aware of when shopping for a digital transmitter.
 1.) You want to know the power after the filter. Some manufactures will state the power out of the transmitter cabinet. But there is an FCC required filter after that to reduce out-of-band interference. Filters can have as much .8 db - 1 db loss or 17% - 20%. So to make 1,000 watts you would need 1,200 - 1250 watts out of the transmitter cabinet.
 2.) You Want Auto Correction The digital signal is a complicated. It has thousands of points changing constantly that the transmitter is trying to make as flat as possible. And there are all kinds of things that can change the flatness including the temperature of the room and the antenna match which changes with the weather. A manual correction exciter requires an engineer with a $100,000 piece of test gear to spend days adjusting trying to get it flat only to have it change with the weather. With auto correction, you push a button and within seconds it is corrected better than the engineer, which brings us to the next point...
 3.) MER Is Important MER or Modulation Error Ratio is used to qualify the performance of a digital TV transmitters. It is the combination of several factors that tells you if the digital signal can be decoded properly. You can lots of transmitter power but with a low MER, the TV's at home cannot decode your signal. And the MER begins to drop as soon as it leaves the antenna so you want it as high as you can get it. Your goal should be an average of 33 MER or higher out of the transmitter. Ask the manufacture for a test data sheet of a similar model and look for its MER on the output.

  30 Watt UHF Transmitter
100 Watt UHF Transmitter
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1,000 Watt UHF Transmitter
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2,500 Watt UHF Transmitter
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