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Getting It Done Right    Updated 4/5/2023

   As we have talked about in the other articles on this site, getting your station in the right location covering the people you need to is important. We have been helping broadcasters "get it right" since 1989 and have done hundreds if not thousands of applications. We can answer questions about equipment, budgets. programming, build out and operational, but if your transmitter is not in the right location, the rest is a waste of your investment.
   We run various senarios, then provide a complete application to the FCC. We can provide both new and minor changes. applications.
   We not only use several software packages to fine tune you what you want, we use the same software as the FCC does to make sure it is right and we work with the FCC staff to prepare and submit your application. If you wish to work with an FCC attorney, we can provide them with the information to file.
   We provide you with the answers you need through our wide range of experience and have a long list of satisfied clients to back that up.
   If you cannot hook rabbit ears to a TV in your office and pick up your station, email me at rickg@rlmediasystems.com and let's see if we can make your station better.


LPTV Minor Change
FM Minor Change



If Paid
Within 10 Days

FCC Application Special
Normally : $1,295.00
Extended Through April - Just $595.00
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